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Gate Repair

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If you have a gate that is refusing to close, it can prove to be a huge security and safety concern. Most owners will want to get the gate seen to as soon as possible. The first thing any professional should do is conduct a thorough troubleshoot to isolate the exact cause of the issue. There are a number of errors that can lead to this malfunction, here we’ll go over a few of the most common gate repair issues.

Photo Eye Alignment

Security Gates Repair in WashingtonIf you have photo eyes on your gate, they will disable any form of activation when disturbed. They could be out of alignment, dirty or damaged. This is one of the first things a professional will check if your system features such equipment. Getting them back to perfect working order can be tricky if you have no experience of doing so. They have to be precisely positioned to effectively produce an invisible beam that must pass accurately between them. Whether they are reflective or dual powered, they have to be in good condition to function fully. If they are faulty they will need to be replaced. Even the most basic gate repair service includes inspection and adjustment when it comes to automatic gates.

Reversing Edges and Loop Detectors

If your gate has loop detector or a reversing edge, either of these devices can disable the gate if they are damaged or misbehaving. Reversing edges can often need a replacement battery or transmitter. If your loop detector is indicating an error, a professional will need to conduct a process of resetting the system settings or complete reconfiguration. Sometimes the detector itself can be the problem, which means it simply needs replacing.

Commands and Safety Switches

It can be quite common for the “hold open” command to be programmed into the gate by the last person to use it or the last professional to work around it. If this is a common issue for you, there are ways to reprogrammed openers to avoid this occurrence. Similarly if your gate has a fire department key switch, this can be left on. In both these cases the gate will remain completely unresponsive.

Expert gate repair and installation

Garage Door Repair Kent offers expert gate repair services. If your gate is refusing to close, we can get to the root of the issue and bring it back to good working order.

We can fix or install any design of gate or intercom as well as provide expert advice. Call today to arrange a visit of for further consultation. 

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